We listen to the radio while driving our car, listen to music from our phones through our new earphones, blast the music at the party. It never comes to our mind how music history may affect what we hear now. Sure, it may be the little parts. The past profoundly affects the future because it […]

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved music. Years passed and I sure hoped to dedicate my life to music. Years passed and I did everything to reach my goal. Music school, conservatory, university studies. Frankly, I felt not in my place. I was just a number. Years passed and all the life […]

Since I can’t talk about others from any perspective possible my posts heavily reflect on me. Huh… I have a hope though that people skimming around it finds something to fit for them. One evening I caught myself in a vicious circle of stress: midterms, homework’s, practice. Everything occurred like a tornado in the central […]

Music comes from a cultural background, from the environment around you.  Remember what kind of music you listened to in elementary school and what you listen now. As your personality change, your preferences become different too. Adults tend to have a completely distinct view of the world than children do. Experience grows together with the […]