Music Touches The Soul

Usually, when I start writing and I don’t know where to start, I observe for information all around the internet – something to inspire from, something to study from. Normally, when I search for a specific word, I get tons of information on wiki regarding that word. Surprisingly, in about 9 120 000 000 results the so yet popular wiki got only on a second page. Now it got me wondering maybe it’s because we grab on music with no explanation needed?


It’s true – music all ways speaks for itself. Otherwise, some music speaks with such complex language and when you dive into its profound waters there’s no coming back. You’re no longer afraid of ‘weird’, you’re no longer afraid of the unknown. 

Whatever the case is this phenomenon we call music – helped me through the most difficult times in my life and I am sure for other people too. If we look around there’s music all around us, stepping on our shoes, on every occasion possible. Helping us to cope, to heal, to celebrate, to feel, to hold us with its warm hands when we feel pain. Music reminds us that there is always something real, something that lasts forever, something that will go on far beyond. 

My escape was always music, especially jazz and I am so grateful and lucky to study it for my own sake. 

We can’t touch music, but it can sure touch us.

Text by Gabija Ševcovaitė


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