What makes us individuals in music?

Music comes from a cultural background, from the environment around you. 

Remember what kind of music you listened to in elementary school and what you listen now. As your personality change, your preferences become different too. Adults tend to have a completely distinct view of the world than children do. Experience grows together with the person. For example, if you never had a life event that causes you to feel a certain way you may not ever gravitated to a specific style of music, that may made you comfortable then. 

As I mentioned before cultural background, cultural development impacts your overall taste. For instance, If I never could study in a conservatory, I may never find out my love for jazz music. Whatever you love listening or playing to, makes you individual. 


But how to keep your individuality? How to be confident in it? 

It’s easy to find yourself going against the norm and sometimes people don’t like it. Now, I ‘m no professor to identify ‘the norm’, all I want to say is at the end you always going to end up yourself. Appreciate the way you think and the way you feel. Let that have value and worth.  

Never think that you can’t do that or this. We human-beings sometimes lock ourselves in the boundaries, that we make on our own. Time never stops and regrets always sinks in us. Go for it, whatever is on your mind. 

Love what you do and make the most of it.

Text by Gabija Ševcovaitė



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