Music and emotions are deeply connected and ay amor!

Since I can’t talk about others from any perspective possible my posts heavily reflect on me. Huh… I have a hope though that people skimming around it finds something to fit for them. One evening I caught myself in a vicious circle of stress: midterms, homework’s, practice. Everything occurred like a tornado in the central United States. It goes without even saying that I got stressed, nervous, sleepless and all other sorts of not so great/great feelings. 

IMG_3388When everything seems too much, I shut down my computer, grab my earphones, phone and look for something to lift me up. I do it unconsciously, without even having the previous, thought, I mentioned, in my head. It works every time. Music lifts up new emotions in your conscious brain. There are a million studies which I am not going into deeply. I was talking with my friend. He said ‘music makes me remember the past’. What he meant is that whatever kind of song was somehow connected to the past it means whenever you hear it the past comes back with it. It triggers brain because they connected that song with specific event. Once again it brings emotion, nostalgic one. 

So here I am, sitting on my bathroom floor and the sound from the earphones passes my ear canals with amor, yo sé que quieres. Mind you, I don’t know Spanish but, in that moment, I felt like I knew the message song wants to deliver to me. My stressful body felt as though everything is going to be fine in the long run. I swear, I listened to that song for like a week nonstop. It came to me one day to translate the lyrics and I got this: ‘take the pain away from me too/ take with you all my desolation/ and also my song of suffering’. 

Music really caries a message, a feeling, a strong hug when you need one, a hope to escape loneliness, a hope for love. 

Text by Gabija Ševcovaitė

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