‘Jazz Academy’

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved music. Years passed and I sure hoped to dedicate my life to music. Years passed and I did everything to reach my goal. Music school, conservatory, university studies. Frankly, I felt not in my place. I was just a number. Years passed and all the life from of my music was sucked. I was lost, I ended it all. Sadly, I believed that what I did never was good enough. How does a person feel when she or he gives it all and burns out? To put it simply: hopeless.

I decided to choose another path in life but a person who is touched by music can’t run too far from it. In every scenario, we get our downfall but there are always highs. I found my high in music at the ‘Jazz Academy’. There I find what freedom in music means. I have an amazing opportunity to do what I always wanted to do. To play the piano. To learn not only jazz but contemporary music as well. I have a chance to see great musicians in concerts. Listen to creators who denote for something and try to connect to something greater than themselves. I am learning how to express myself. Now I understand the completely different meaning of the word ‘creativity’. I am challenged every day. To be brave and overcome my fears. ‘Jazz Academy’ is full of so many opportunities. It is also full of ambitious and unique people to learn from. I have a teacher who inspires me to achieve everything at a level higher than I thought possible. At ‘Jazz Academy’ I never felt restrained. That place always welcomes me as if it was my home. 


Thank you for teaching me so much – both about the music and about myself.  I am grateful and happy to be a part of this community. I will forever hold you dear to my heart. You’ve never made me feel like just a number.

Text by Gabija Ševcovaitė

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